Surveys are in the form of questionnaires where multiple questions are asked in order to get a feedback of different people. These documents are important in nature and can be tricky to frame. One must keep in mind quite a few points before starting the task of framing a survey. Infact there are some fixed factors which are to be considered while framing surveys.

  • The first and foremost point of importance is to know the nature of the target audience. This knowledge will either restrict the nature and types of questions or will give a freehand to frame any kind of questions in the survey. For example, a survey which is meant for kids to answer must be a little less formal than one which is framed for working people or adults. Similarly, a survey for the elderly or the sick must be framed keeping sentiments in mind.
  • Another point is the length of the questions in a survey. Long and detailed questions can prove to be boring to read and can divert respondent’s attention thus decreasing the number of people answering the survey.
  • Similarly, questions with difficult use of words or uncommon words can again be difficult for respondents to understand or answer.
  • The number of questions must also be within a limit where the respondents are happy to answer. An extra long list of questions is a dreadful sight for any person.
  • One of the most important factors to be kept in mind is that enough research must have gone behind the content of a survey. Any error or mistake in the content of questions can lead to a big mistake and can even harm the sentiments of respondents in some cases.

Thus one must only use scientifically proven facts and points which have full proof knowledge behind them.

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