A career survey is a survey which is conducted amongst people to basically know about their career interest and choice. These surveys are generally conducted by educational organisations or companies related to the field of education and academics to know the popular career choice amongst students or people at a particular given point in time.

  • What these surveys do is that they help to attain unbiased and honest opinion of different people on career. Sometimes even companies or business owners conduct career survey to know the kind of employee scope they have from a particular college or institute.
  • A career survey can be a round of verbally asked questions but mostly it is in the form of a written questionnaire which is distributed amongst college students or a group of people to know the kind of career they have planned for themselves.
  • Infact some surveys help to gather information about the personality and choices of a person and thus helps those people by suggesting the perfect career options for them. This is possible through career counsellor’s help who reads the answers and helps to formulate the career option which would be apt for the respondent.
  • Career surveys are also asked to see the popular career choice or options which most people prefer at that point of time. This helps educational institutes to increase the number of courses offered by them keeping the choice and interest of respondents in mind.
  • Sometimes these surveys also play the role of personality tests which can help a person to know about his real interests and thus make him realise the kind of career choice which he would like to have for his future.
  • Career surveys are not only asked from people who are ready to select their careers but also from kids or teenagers to know about their dreams and aspirations.

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