Compatibility is one of the most vital factors that determine the strength of a relationship between any two people. Compatibility could be among friends, siblings, parents and children and also lovers. This term is mostly used in the context of lovers or friends but is quite an important quality which makes an association special. If two people were to measure their compatibility, there could be no other way more effective than taking a compatibility test or survey. These surveys are especially designed for two people to know the bond of compatibility that they share.

  • Compatibility surveys are in the form of questionnaires which are generally written documents but also asked verbally in some cases. These questions are answered by both the people separately and the answers are evaluated to know about their compatibility.
  • The result of these surveys is a number on a particular scale which is the measure of compatibility between those two individuals.
  • Compatibility surveys are helpful for making two people realise so as to which level they both stand on together and what should be done to make the relationship better.
  • These surveys determine how well both people know each other and in case where the result isn’t too good, the couple can try and make an effort to know more about each other and thus help improve the relationship.
  • The questions in a compatibility survey are framed in such a manner that the couples can give unbiased and honest replies which are then compared to the replies of their partners to know if their answers match. In this way a score is set and evaluated after checking all the answer of both the people taking the survey.
  • Such surveys are usually conducted online but can also be asked from people at workplaces or family gatherings to make the event fun and exciting.

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