Fashion is one of the most important aspects of most people’s lives in today’s date and time. It is something that can define the personality of a person and also something with which we can base our opinions about another person. Fashion is about style and glamour and most people like to be updated about the latest fashion trends and a phenomenon which is prevalent is today’s world. A fashion survey is a questionnaire which can be either written or verbal and one which has questions about fashion.

A fashion survey can be either conducted to know the views of a person about a particular fashion trend or to get a feedback from respondents about fashion in general. These surveys are conducted or organised by fashion organisations who wish to know the opinions of a large number of people so that they can make their next fashion collection in accordance with the common likings or choice. Any fashion survey consists of multiple questions which can either be objective or subjective in nature. These questions are well framed and are asked from a variety of people to collect a feedback from all genres of the crowd or the public.

A fashion survey can be of many types depending upon the purpose or aim of the organisation which is conducting the survey. For example, a fashion survey can about teen fashion survey which is aimed to know the preference of teenagers when it comes to fashion and style whereas a fashion knowledge survey is meant to know the knowledge level or awareness level of the respondent about fashion.

The following are a few examples of different fashion surveys:

  • Girls fashion survey
  • Handbag fashion survey
  • Men fashion survey
  • Latest fashion survey
  • Teen fashion survey
  • Baby products fashion survey

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