Every person, group, company, organisation or any other entity needs to keep working on itself and improve for further benefits and overall satisfaction. Feedback is the best possible method to know what another person or other people think about us or about our products or services. Feedback is a direct opinion or point of view which is honest and transparent in nature. It helps us to grow and work on the negatives and turn them into positives. Without a feedback, no one can get a response about an existing procedure, method, product or service. Thus one cannot improve and satisfy the targeted audience.

A feedback survey is a written questionnaire consisting of multiple questions which are all aimed at getting a feedback from the respondent. The feedback could be on an event, person, program, product or a number of varied entities. These feedback surveys are commonly used by many companies, organisations and manufacturers so as to know what the common public thinks about the products or services produced by them. Through a feedback survey, one can have opinions of many different varied people and hence conclude the negatives and positives and thus work towards betterment.

A feedback survey is an important kind of a survey as the positive reviews or feedbacks really help to life the morale of the organisation which has conducted the survey. Any good response definitely encourages the company to do even better and this could result in overall improvement of profit figures. Feedback surveys can also put in ideas and suggestions into the mind of the surveys conducting organisations which they can use for their benefit.

There are many different types of feedback surveys. The following are a few examples:

  • Product feedback survey
  • Service feedback survey
  • Company feedback survey
  • Event feedback survey


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