Friendship is a relation which binds two or more than two people into a bond of trust, respect, love and kindness. Friendship is a pure and strong relationship. Friendship is unconditional, full of love and is important to almost every living person. A friendship survey is a survey which is conducted to know the opinions of people about friendship and its importance. These surveys can also be conducted to know how well friends know each other and to measure the level of their friendship. Any friendship survey is generally conducted for fun and is light in character and feel.

A friendship survey is usually in the form of a written questionnaire which has many objective or subjective type questions. These questions are asked from a group or couple of friends and then compared to assess what they think about the other and where their friendship lies on the compatibility level. These surveys can be very useful for the friends and they can further improve upon the points which haven’t resulted in a good compatibility. Any friendship survey is conducted by organisations who are involved in conducting light and fun surveys among the common public.

A friendship survey is one of the most honest survey which can directly provide a response about friendship from a number of different people so as to come to a conclusion about the generally perception about friendship in today’s world. These surveys are generally welcomed by a huge number of people and get many responses. This is because of the easy usability of it and the happy and cheerful questions asked in it. The following are a few examples of friendship surveys:

  • Teen friendship survey
  • Girls friendship survey
  • Boys friendship survey
  • Best friendship survey
  • Fun friendship survey
  • Kids friendship survey


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