Everybody likes to have fun in life as it keeps life moving ahead in an easy and simple manner and takes off the pressure and seriousness of life or its events away. A fun survey is the kind of a survey which is conducted for the purpose of fun. These surveys are not based on any serious issue and are conducted for the sake of providing the survey respondents a little happiness and fun. A fun survey can be either in the written questionnaire form or in the form of a verbal interview or question answer round. But whatever may be the types, the idea is to relax and enjoy.

There are various different types of fun surveys. Some fun surveys can be based on personal questions and can be in the form of a quiz as well. The following are a few types of fun surveys:

  • Friendship surveys
  • Love compatibility surveys
  • Funny events survey
  • Teen fun surveys
  • Office fun surveys
  • Couple fun surveys
  • Facebook  Fun Surveys
  • Fun Surveys for teenagers


All the above mentioned categories of fun surveys are related to light issues and are meant to have a healthy interaction between the survey conductor and the respondent of the survey. The information provided in these surveys is also light in nature ad isn’t meant to provide any kind of harm to anyone’s feelings or emotions.  There are also a few fun surveys which are related to subjects like English, Maths, geography etc… These surveys are in the form of a quiz which is conducted amongst school going children and have a fun factor in it.

These types of surveys can prove to be useful in events such as parties, competitions, birthday celebrations etc as they can keep the guests involved and happy.

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