Health is one of the most important things in a person’s life. Without a healthy mind and body nobody can remain happy and gain success in any field in life. If a person doesnt feel healthy from inside, then he can be never happy and content with life as a whole. A healthy person can achieve any goals in life and can really excel in all spheres. A health survey is an important kind of a survey which deals with the issue of health and health awareness. These types of surveys are conducted to know whether the respondent is aware about the importance of health or not.

A health survey can help people to become more aware of the existing health issues and how they can be detected and cured. These surveys are really vital in nature and help health organisations to assess the overall level of health importance and awareness amongst different groups of people. This helps these organisations to spread the messages about different health aspects amongst people. Infact if these survey conducting organisations receive positive responses then they are encouraged to do better in their health related field and produce better products and services for the health of the people.

A health survey can either have subjective or objective questions which mean that the questions are left with blank spaces for the answer or are provided with multiple choices as answers from which the users can select one which according to them is right or correct. There are many different types of health surveys which are all related to different topics. The following are  few examples of such health surveys which are commonly used and distributed:

  • Health awareness survey
  • Health importance survey
  • Health among older people survey
  • Child health survey
  • Mental Health Survey
  • Health and Safety Survey

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