A household survey is a kind of a survey which is conducted to get a feedback of a number of different people on the topic of household. These types of surveys have multiple questions in the written or oral form which are related to knowing about the different household practices followed by different people. A household survey is quite an effective way to know about the household schedule, money used in household items etc… These surveys can have either objective type or subjective questions depending upon the nature of the answer. But it is generally seen that the questions are closed ended in nature.

A household survey is conducted by many organisations and is one of the most commonly conducted surveys amongst the common public. These surveys help these organisations to understand the common trend prevalent amongst different strata of society when it comes to handling of house expenses and on different household activities. The questions are framed by experts who have the right amount of knowledge which is needed to study the response and framing the question in accordance with the thinking and understanding of the common man.

There are many different types of household surveys depending upon the aim or purpose of the organisation which is conducting the survey. There are surveys conducted on national level, state level and even within a small sector of society or neighbourhood. The following are a few examples of household surveys:

  • Living costs survey
  • Food survey
  • Integrated household survey


These types of surveys are generally conducted amongst people of or above the age of 16. These surveys help the organisations to make required changes in the policies related to household and thus bring about improvement in the existing system. Therefore any household survey holds vital importance and is necessary to be conducted on a regular basis.

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