A product survey is an act carried out by most production or manufacturing companies, both before and after, the launch of a new product in the consumer market. This is done to gauge the potential for success of the product before the launch, and the actual impact of it after the launch. Thus, both pre-launch surveys as well as post-launch surveys are extremely important in providing the manufacturers with an idea of the need, reception and commercial viability of the product.

  • Product surveys which are conducted after the launch and mobilization of the product must assess consumer reaction on several counts. The product’s quality, performance, pricing, affordability, attractiveness, accessibility, utilitarian value and so on must be gauged in order to determine how well, or otherwise, the product is doing across markets.
  • Such surveys must be conducted with recurring intervals. Those which are conducted within short intervals will provide a better idea of the developments in product performance. Conclusions obtained by the product surveys must be rapidly assimilated and incorporated so that changes are made and the product performance improves.
  • A questionnaire is usually the best way of gathering opinions from a diverse cross section of consumers. The larger the pool of consumers who participate in the product survey, the more authentic the conclusions derived are likely to be.
  • Apart from questions which provide assessors with choices whereby they can choose their preferred options, assessors must also be given space to provide their own thoughts about the product. This will lead to a fruitful assessment.

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