A research survey is an exercise where one canvasses a certain area, people, society, materials, and events and so on for the express purpose of research. Such an exercise is chiefly dependent on deciding the topic of research and then zeroing in on the appropriate research materials. A research survey is a must for anyone intending to embark on a long thesis or project where the materials available for research must be assessed in order to determine its viability and expenses.

  • Research surveys must be conducted by those involved in the research project. The parameters which will need to be assessed and the determinants of the research project need to be carefully specified.
  • In order to create an effective and useful research survey, one needs to determine what one will be searching for. Thus, a preplanned survey is more effective than an unplanned one. Research surveys can be conducted by making use of institutions like libraries and academic institutions as well as online compilations and so on.
  • The purpose of a research survey is to gather materials for one’s research. Hence the findings of the survey must be carefully documented and recorded so as to provide material for the research, and to speed the actual work.
  • A well planned research survey enables one to frame and plan the research project in a much more effective and organized manner. It is critical to the success of a research project and it also lends knowledge and greater depth to the research.

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