A salary survey is a assessment of the salaries provided to the employees of a particular defined category [which may be an office, a field of work, age, demographics and so on] in order to determine the median value against which one can measure and define his own salary. Thus, a salary survey is an exercise which allows an employee to determine whether he is being paid according the average salary offered to other employees like him, working in similar jobs in similar industries.

  • Salary surveys are usually conducted by professional organizations for assessment and sometime journalistic purposes. They are extremely useful as they will enable an employee to gauge whether his company or concern is treating his work fairly and whether he is at par with his fellow workers.
  • Thus, salary surveys ensure that standards of fairness and justice are maintained which does not allow any company to exploit its human assets by underpaying them. Conversely, it also ensures that employees of a concern are not overpaid either. Salary surveys result in the imposition of a standard by which all can be judged.
  • In order to ensure that the salary survey is effective, the boundaries of the survey must be determined and defined. For example, a salary survey must usually be restricted to assessing employees of a particular field of work, who have to deal with similar kinds of office work. Clearing these boundaries and qualifications will make the salary survey practical and more effective as well as authentic.

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