A satisfaction survey is an exercise which is usually recorded in the form of a questionnaire and aims at judging the level of contentment expressed by consumers or clients regarding a particular product bought by them, or that of an audience with regards to a performance or cultural activity. A satisfaction survey aims to judge audience or consumer reaction on certain specific aspects of the product or show, like quality, price, and affordability and so on.

  • A satisfaction survey must be conducted in the form of questions which are relevant to the product or event being examined. The assessor must be given a wide variety of issues on which he or she can register opinions.
  • The results of satisfaction surveys must take into account the opinions of the assessors, and the conclusions that emerge must be constructively incorporated to bring about an improvement in the product or event assessed.
  • Such a survey must be conducted among a wide range of consumers in order to gain the benefit of many opinions. The general conclusions that emerge must be recorded. In order to obtain a clear and instructive picture of consumer satisfaction, a large number of them must be involved in this dynamic process.
  • Satisfaction surveys must be clear and transparent. In order to guide the assessor, the survey must make mention of the key issues on which the product will be assessed. If questionnaire is used, care should be taken by the question framers to avoid seeming overbearing. The discretion of the assessor must be privileged.

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