The stress survey is a process that is carried out mostly to measure the levels of stress experienced by different social groups. This is carried on most popularly in schools, colleges and universities in order to understand the everyday dilemma of a regular student. This enables the surveyor to construct methods to decrease and overcome the stress levels. The issue of stress is a pertinent one in today’s fast paced commercialized world and hence, this means of conducting such surveys allows some form of preventive measures as well as a means to create awareness about this serious issue. The stress survey is an important procedure that needs to be conducted periodically. While constructing the stress survey, some important points should be kept in consideration:

  • The survey should first identity the particular group that it wishes to target and set questions that is suitable for the specified group.
  • The language needs to be simple yet effective. The questions need to be arranged in a simple and coherent pattern so that the respondent is able to understand without much confusion.
  • There should be a rating scale inserted in this kind of a survey so that the respondents can gauge their own level of stress. This is also helpful for the surveyor to determine the overall stress level.
  • The stress survey should also refrain from using essay questions. It is always preferable to use multiple choice questions since most do not have the time or patience to answer in a detailed manner.

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