The survey questionnaire is a method that most surveyors with different intent follow in order to ascertain various issues, dilemmas etc. The purpose of the survey questionnaire is to gather information through a series of questions which are set in a certain manner. These are more easily constructed as opposed to the other methods of survey and are more effective in achieving its set goals. This should be set in accordance to the demographic group and its ability to respond to the questionnaires. Not every social group will be able to take these kinds of surveys.

There are basically three types of survey questionnaires in terms of the intent or aim:

  • Traits Questionnaire. E.g. – a Stress Survey.
  • Attitude Questionnaire. E.g.-Product Satisfaction Survey
  • Index Questionnaire. E.g.-Social Demographic Survey

There are certain issues that need to be addressed while formulating the survey questionnaire:

  • The questions need to be brief and constructed in simple understandable language so that it can reach a great number of respondents.
  • The intent of the survey should be mentioned either overtly in the questionnaire or subtly through the questions itself.
  • The multiple choice questions should have a great number of options which people with different opinions can attempt and answer.
  • There should be no negative construction of the questions. Each should be positively framed. There should also be avoidance of any condescending assumptions made on the part of the surveyor. There should be an open, clear and address made to the respondents.

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