Training survey is an evaluation tool that is used by companies to assess the employees and the level of effectiveness of the work produced. This is done by Human Resources of the company. This survey can be conducted face to face, written or through a computerized forum where all employees are required to participate. This is done to measure the efficiency of the training provided by the company. The surveyors must ensure that all employees who have participated in the training session have taken the training survey. This not only is a process though which a company’s policies are measured but also the quality of the employee. It is a common way of implementing change through the constructive information received. There are a few areas that need to be covered while conducting the training survey:

  • The questions must be relevant to the training sessions. There should be no vague or roundabout method of formulating these questions. They should directly address the issues at hand.
  • The employees must be given an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of the training session. For this a fixed rating scale is needed to be provided.
  • The overall score must be calculated based on the pattern or trend followed by majority of the employees. A careful assessment of the weaknesses and strengths should be done for both the company and the employee.
  • Provisions should be made for personal comment to be made by the employees. The employees can also suggest more effective methods of training, if any.

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