A travel survey is a survey which is conducted to study the behaviour of various different travellers. Any travel survey is conducted by travel companies or other travel agent bureaus to understand the opinions of travellers so as to improve their services. A survey of this kind can be framed in different formats such as questionnaires or oral/verbal surveys. A travel survey collects information about the travelling habits of different individuals.

A travel survey can be of different types. The classification of travel surveys can be done on various basis such as demographic, area based and income group based. The following are a few examples of travel surveys:

  • Written travel survey
  • Verbal travel survey
  • Business travel survey
  • Leisure travel survey


A travel survey helps travel companies to have an estimate or approximation of the travelling needs or preferences of different survey respondents. Based on these responses, the travel companies improve and change their pattern of service providing as per the needs of the respondent majority. Thus these travel surveys prove to be of great benefit for many such travel related companies.  Travel surveys help to change the nature and form of travelling around the world and help to constantly evolve the travel habits and behaviour.

Travel surveys are generally conducted in the form of panel surveys which involves the same respondents year after year so as to obtain different opinions of the same people. This also helps to learn how the behaviour of particular people evolves with time.

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