Surveys are the most efficient methods as far as obtaining information or a response from a number of different individuals is concerned. A vendor survey is that category of a survey which is distributed or framed by vendors in order to gather responses from vendees about the satisfaction level from the products or services offered by the vendor. A vendor survey can be in the form of a written or oral questionnaire and has either subjective or objective questions.

A vendor survey is helpful for vendors to improve the products or services offered by them to vendees. These surveys help to gather different opinions and point of views through which the vendor can know the areas which need improvement or changes. Vendor surveys have proved to be really helpful and important for many vendors as through these surveys they can fathom the positives and negatives of their operational tactics.

A vendor survey can be of many different types. The following are a few types of different vendor surveys:

  • Written vendor survey
  • Vendor satisfaction survey
  • Vendor web survey
  • Vendor and vendee survey

Any vendor survey generally consists of those questions through which a clear and honest point of view of the vendee can be obtained. These surveys also help to lift the morale of the vendors in the case where there is a positive overall response from the side of the respondents. Without these surveys, vendors can fail to understand the thought process of their client base and thus fail to improve.

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