A survey is a method through which information can be gathered on a particular topic from a number of different people or sources so as to learn something or study a pattern. A web survey is a type of a survey which is conducted on the internet or the World Wide Web. These surveys are framed and posted on the internet so that the target group of respondents can answer or respond to the survey.  These surveys can be either subjective or objective in nature depending upon the topic.

A web survey can be of many different types based upon the topic of the survey.  The following are a few examples of different web surveys:

  • Working women web survey
  • Travel web survey
  • Web Vendor survey
  • Web University students preferences survey


Any web survey generally consists of multiple questions which are to be answered by the respondents in the spaces provided. These answers can be evaluated, compared and studied to understand the pattern which is being obtained from a number of different responses. This evaluation can help the survey conducting organisations to improve an existing entity or service for the benefit of the common people or target audience of the survey.

Web surveys are considered more useful and productive than written paper based surveys or oral surveys as the number of responses obtained from a web survey is considerably more than the other survey types. Web surveys are also less demanding for the survey conducting organisations as far as hardwork is concerned.

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