Education is one of the most important aspects which determine a person’s personality and his course of life. Without education a person cannot enjoy the best pleasures of life. But different people have different opinions on education and its importance inspite of the vital role that it plays in anyone’s life. To know about the point of view of different individuals on education, an education survey is probably the best way and means.

  • Education survey is a way through which an educational or any other organisation can know about the importance of education for different people.
  • An education survey can be of many different types. It can either be verbally asked or can be in the form of a written questionnaire. Generally a written survey is the most effective way to gather information and details of education.
  • Education survey is in the form of a questionnaire which has multiple questions directed towards the same topic. These questions can be either subjective or objective. In case of subjective questions, sufficient space is left for the respondents to give their heartfelt answers.
  • On the basis of the answers of a group of people, a general conclusion can be drawn.
  • Education surveys can be on a range of topics such as importance of education means of education, level of education attained, education system of country etc…
  • The type of survey decides the kind of target audience amongst which the questionnaire is distributed. It is very important to know the range of the target audience because a questionnaire distributed at a place where there is no relation of the survey, will not gather a good response and hence the purpose of conducting the survey wouldn’t be exactly solved.
  • Education surveys must contain short questions so as to generate more interest from the respondents and hence get maximum output.

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