Every working organisation needs help for a smooth functioning. These working people hired by a company are known as its employees. An employee is a paid worker who works for a company or an employer on the basis of certain terms and conditions. For the employer it is necessary to know the thoughts and feelings of the employee or whether or not he is satisfied with the working conditions, work environment or salary or not. There is no better way to get an honest feedback from the employees than an employee survey.

An employee survey is a set of questions which are all asked to know the different opinions of employees so that employers can work on the complaints and improve the existing work establishment for the sake of its employees. Any employee survey is an effective way to get a feedback on a number of different issues such as employee satisfaction, employee salary satisfaction, employee work load satisfaction etc.

Any employee survey is an important kind of a survey for almost any organisation with a considerable number or employees. This is because if the employees are not satisfied or happy in any way, then they won’t be able to perform to their best of abilities and this will in turn affect the performance of the company as a whole. Thus every organisation must regularly conduct such surveys and take care of keeping its employees content.

Such surveys help to identify the main problems which are common in the response of a majority of the employees. Moreover by conducting an employee survey, the employees can be reassured of the fact that their views are valued and are given enough consideration by the employers.

The following are a few employee surveys examples:

  • Employee salary satisfaction survey
  • Employee work environment  survey
  • Employee Motivation Survey
  • Employee Retention Survey

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