HR or Human Resources is one of the most important departments of any company or working organisation. It is through this department that a company can communicate with its clients or customers in a healthy manner.  HR employees are qualified as they need to keep themselves updated with the consumer trends. This is the reason why it is important for every company or organisation to regularly conduct HR surveys.

An HR survey is the kind of a survey which is conducted either within the company or outside of it amongst the customers or clients. The one which is conducted within the company is the one through which the company wishes to fathom the satisfaction level of the HR employees or department as a whole with the policies of the company and other aspects such as salary, work environment etc… The ones which are conducted outside are meant to know whether or not the customers or clients are satisfied with the HR department of the company. This is important because by getting a feedback, the company can bring about necessary changes and make improvement to strengthen the weak points.

An HR survey is in the form of a written questionnaire consisting of multiple questions which can either be multiple choice or subjective in nature. The questions are generally close ended but a few are open ended as well. The feedback of these surveys can be very beneficial for the company to know what all areas need to be worked upon and what all areas are doing well with the respondents. Infact by conducting these surveys, the company gives out a good signal about its concern about its HR department.

The following are a few types of HR surveys:

  • HR satisfaction survey
  • HR salary survey
  • HR survey for customers


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