An interview survey is a type of a survey which is conducted for getting a feedback of different people on various interviews or interview procedures. These surveys are meant to understand the different opinions on the process through which any company or organisation hires an employee. Any interview survey helps certain organisations to understand the common perception or view on interviews and thus come to a general conclusion. These surveys can also be useful for understanding psychology of different people so as to improve the interview system adopted by a certain company to select suitable employees.

An interview survey can be either written or verbal which means that either it is in the written questionnaire form or is conducted orally in an open ended manner. These surveys on interviews consist of multiple questions which can either have choices or can be subjective in nature. The basic purpose though is to get a point of view from the respondent about his/her thoughts on interview processes and how can they be modified or change for betterment. Any interview survey helps one to put forward the critical points which can be useful for companies or organisations to polish their interview questions and also the interviewing methods of the interviewer.

There can be various types of interview surveys depending upon the nature of the interview or category of the job for which the interview is conducted. The following are a few examples of different interview surveys:

  • Personal interview survey
  • Exit interview survey
  • Job interview survey
  • College interview survey
  • Pre Interview Survey
  • College Interview Survey


The common thing about all these different categories is the fact that all of them consists of more or less the same questions asked with the common goal of getting a feedback from a variety of people.

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