The survey questions are used by both commercial and non-commercial institutions for the purpose of gaining information in the form of feedback. This is done in order to implement necessary changes within the institution with regards to the constructive feedback received as well as try and measure the level of awareness and/or satisfaction within certain social groups. For non-commercial organizations, this survey acts as a means of understanding various mental and physical aspects of a particular community or group and implement effective methods to combat and improve certain conditions. This is not an easy tool but also economical in its adaption on a very large scale. However, during the time of construction of the survey questions it is necessary to adhere to the following points:

  • The surveyor must first identify the nature of the information that he/she wishes to receive and construct the survey accordingly.
  • The survey questions need to be brief and precise. This will ensure a large number of respondents and also be effective in gaining the required information.
  • The tone of the questions should not be too formal. There should be an element of casual informality that will make the respondents more comfortable in responding to them.
  • It is always advisable to follow a certain order, structure or pattern in the questionnaire which will make it better in extracting the necessary response.
  • A rating scale is always useful in understanding the levels of satisfaction or any other emotion related to a particular topic. This should be used in the survey.

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