Surveys are documents which are drafted in order to get a feedback or an opinion of different people on the same topic so as to come to a conclusion or derive a perspective out of the results. Surveys are generally in the form of written questionnaires which can have either objective type questions or subjective type questions which are directly linked to the topic.

Such documents are a really important category of questionnaires and serve many purposes. Infact different types of surveys serve different issues of importance. For example, a customer satisfaction survey is really important for organisations to know whether or not their customers are satisfied and happy with their products and services or not. This helps them to make necessary modifications and reach levels of customer satisfaction.

In the case of employee feedback survey, company owners get a viewpoint of employees about their satisfaction as a worker and about different issues which can be dealt with to make an employee happy so as to bring the best of performance out of him. Basically, any survey acts as a critical review which can be considered for personal benefit.

Without having a survey, most organisations risk running a misconception of good performance and continue with the trends they used to follow earlier. They never get to know customer or client’s thoughts or requirements and hence do not upgrade their system or working. Infact surveys are also easy and cheap methods to know about faults or areas which need perfection. Thus surveys are important to be made and conducted. Sometimes not having a survey can make the audience feel that the company hasn’t put in any means for the respondents to present their view point and thus this fact can prove to be a negative point in most cases. So surveys are quite important.

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