Surveys are those documents which consist of multiple questions all of which are aimed at getting a viewpoint of the respondent on the topic of survey. Any survey is an important document and must have questions which are directly or indirectly related to the topic and serve the purpose of conducting the survey.

Before the drafting of a survey, survey drafters may wonder about the kind of questions to be used in the survey. This is a common dilemma since it is important to choose questions that make sense and are helpful in getting a correct feedback from the respondent. Questions can be either multiple choice objective questions or subjective ones, but in the case of most surveys, objective type questions are preferred. This is because objective type questions are more closed ended than subjective ones and help to derive a conclusion from the answer.

In the case of customer feedback surveys, questions regarding the product and services are important to be asked to get a viewpoint of customer’s satisfaction level. One must also ask whether or not the customer would like to see any changes made. Similarly in the case of employee satisfaction survey, the company owners must ask questions which are aimed at knowing the honest opinion of the employee without having any fear or pressure.

One thing which must be kept in mind is that private or personal questions must be avoided so that the respondent doesnt get uncomfortable. Questions which are interesting and would bring in more respondents should be the main focus in any survey because boring and long questions can make any person leave the survey in between and thus prove to be quite a big no. Another thing is that the questions in a survey must be framed keeping the target audience in mind.

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