A survey is a kind of a medium which is used by organisations, institutes, companies or other entities to evaluate a certain result based on the responses of a group of people. Any survey helps to conclude outcomes and is effective in knowing the thought process, choices or decisions of the majority of the people or group. Surveys can be of many types, but are broadly divided into two categories-oral and written.

An oral survey is conducted by volunteers and questions are asked from a group of people whereas a written survey is in the form of a questionnaire. But for a successful survey, there are certain things which must be kept in mind by the entity which frames its questions. The following are a few points which will help one to make a good survey:

  • Firstly the target audience of a survey must be decided or known clearly.
  • The second most important thing to keep in mind is that the questions asked must always be kept as precise and brief as possible. Lengthy questions tend to get boring and reduce the interest of the respondents.
  • It is always better for a survey to have closed ended questions or ones which have options given for the answers. These questions are quick to answer and hence help save time of the respondents as well as that of the survey conducting entity.
  • A survey must have a name. A name given to a survey gives it an identity and a definition. It helps to attract more respondents towards it and makes it easy for people to relate to it.
  • A survey must not have too many questions. The number of questions must be restricted to a certain limit.
  • Questions asked in a survey must be directly related to the theme or topic and must not be out of context.

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