Why I love you survey is all about knowing those facts and things that make someone fall in love. Those who want to know why they love their partner or what attract them most towards him/her can take this survey and reach to some answers and conclusions as well.

Why I Love You Survey Sample

1. Are there lots of sweet memories you have about your love?

A. Yes.

B. Many.

C. It is an endless process.

2. What makes you happy when you are with your partner?

A. His/her company.

B. Love and affection that I feel.

C. His/her warm and lively nature.

D. I just want to be with him/her.

3. Name the thing that you love most about your partner?

A. Her/his caring nature.

B. Looks/Beauty.

C. Genuineness/sincerity.

D. The overall personality.

4. Do you always make first effort to solve a quarrel?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

D. Often.

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