Work life balance is a public debate for each and every person who is working and committed with some organisation and is fully dedicated towards work. The agenda of work life balance survey questions is to find out the view of the people regarding the balance which they maintain between their work and personal life. This survey is supported by private institutions and Government.

Work life balance Survey Question Sample:

Q1. How do you describe your organization? Answer in three lines?

Q2. What do you like the most and least about your organization?

Q3. How did you enjoy your work and handle work load?

Q4. Are you satisfied with your designation in the organisation?

  • o Yes
  • o No

Q5. How do you like to rate the overall structure of your organization?

  • o Best
  • o Good
  • o Average
  • o Poor

Q6. Would you like to recommend your organization to your relatives and friends to work?

  • o Yes
  • o No

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