Work stress survey reveals those reasons that become the source of stress, depression and other emotional problems for a working person. Stress questionnaire usually focus on those troublesome things that a working person is facing in day-to-day life and that affects his/her in both personal and professional way.

Work Stress Survey Sample

Q1.  Do you think that your present stressful condition is due to your work?

A. Yes.

B.  No.

C. Sometimes it causes

D. It never happens

Q2.  How do you usually like to deal with work stress?

A. Discussing with management

B. By resolving inter-personal issues.

C. Just, ignore it.

D. Taken help of counselor.

Q3.  Have you ever given any suggestions to your company regarding changes in work schedule?

A. Yes, I did.

B.  No

C. They don’t pay attention.

D. Sometimes it works.

Q4.  Is your work stress affecting your personal life?

A. Yes.

B.  No

C. Sometimes.

D. A couple of times only.

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